Academia Land

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Development and hospitality management
4* hotel complexes in Saint-Petersburg
Dubai, UAE

Development and hospitality management
Apartments and 4* hotels in Dubai
Moscow, Russia

Development and hospitality management
4* hotel complexes in Moscow
ACADEMIA Brokerage
Real estate agency
Chain of coffee shops and lounge bars at 4* hotel complexes
Development and hospitality management
3* hotel complexes in Saint-Petersburg
Academia Land
Hotels for comfortable & relaxing holidays and safe investments
ACADEMIA LAND creates and develop investment-attractive 4* hotel complexes of club format worldwide: our way goes from redevelopment to professional and efficient hotel operating while reviving the classical principles of hospitality.
Each project is inspired with unique idea.
  1. to improve the life quality of the society: to "give a second life" to historical mansions in the center of St. Petersburg, to set standards for the culture of the tourism industry and the social responsibility of business
  2. to receive income from the purchase of profitable real estate by the partners of the company and to give only positive emotions from cooperation with us
  3. to develop the team creating a group of like-minded individuals and adequately evaluate the personal contribution of each of them
  4. for the owners of the company, to have material and spiritual dividends, owning the best suite-hotel chain in the world
Academia Land was founded in 2014
The company's portfolio includes 50 completed projects
There are 20 3* and 4* hotels in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Dubai under management.

The stages of the company's development include the creation of various objects:
  • Eurohostels - the beginning of the journey of the company
  • 3* hotels up to 40 rooms with their own bistro
  • 4* suite hotels in St. Petersburg;
  • 4* apartments and suites in Dubai;
  • the first 4* suite hotel in Moscow.

The team of specialists in 2022 consists of 120 employees, for whom the most important aim of their work is:
  • creation of high-quality room devision;
  • maximizing the profit of the hotel chain;
  • maintaining the highest level of service.
Video about our projects